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The mission of the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League is to assemble a high quality sailing program with racing and community sailing components, located at the Point of Pittsburgh and oriented to high school and college students, that will contribute to Pittsburgh's emerging image as an environmentally- friendly, dynamic region.

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A group of Pittsburgh sailors and sailing enthusiasts is proposing to develop a youth-oriented, racing and community sailing program at the junction of the three rivers. Their efforts to advance the project have included researching similar sailing programs throughout the United States, assessing alternative organizational structures, demonstrating sailing at the proposed venue, and organizing sailing regattas for the 2004, 2005 and 2008 Three Rivers Regattas. The Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League is an IRS 501 (c) not-for-profit corporation.

A local sailing program would broaden the range of youth-oriented water-based recreation programs. Sailing would also make a major contribution to support Pittsburgh's new image as a dynamic, environmentally friendly community with a desirable quality of life.

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Local interest in a youth sailing program

Nationally, youth-based racing programs are located in areas with long-standing sailing traditions and organizational structures to support high school and collegiate sailing programs. Such sailing programs grow out of yacht clubs, community initiatives and high school and colleges.

Lake-based sailing already is quite popular in southwestern Pennsylvania. However, the distance of local high schools and colleges to area lakes has been a major barrier to the development of youth-oriented sailing programs in the Pittsburgh area.

A major asset of the proposed Pittsburgh-based sailing venue would be the close proximity to area schools. The success of the Three Rivers Rowing Association has clearly demonstrated that substantial numbers of area high school and college students will participate in river-based recreation and competitive activities. While rowing and sailing are significantly different sport, both involve skills that can be learned in a relatively short time. And for some, sailing would be more attractive than physically rigorous rowing.

Surveys in two Pittsburgh city high schools show that 26% of students have some sailing experience, 40% of students have a positive attitude about sailing, and 18% said they would participate in an after-school sailing program.

A local sailor, Joe Shields, secured a U.S. Sailing, Level One Sailing Instructional certification and currently offers U.S Sailing level one instruction in the Pittsburgh area. This is helping to develop a group of U.S. Sailing certified instructors who will be a source of volunteers for the project.

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